Model :
Indulge in the world of geometric shapes by finishing your fierce looks with the stunning 3D Jewelry pieces by FabMe! Wearing these pieces will release your inner mathmetician and will make sure you have something to talk about during math or graphic drawing classes!
"Since the dawn of mankind, marked by our ability to manipulate life, places and things unto our own ends, humans have seemingly had two dominant preoccupations with the remarkably broad category of ‘things.’ Namely using things to kill each other, and wearing things. Archaic stereotypes tend to relate this to gender: Man picks up stone to throw at other man or 3D prints a gun. Woman picks up stone and considers how it goes with her shoes or 3D prints pretty things. That sort of nonsense. FabMe is a fabulous demonstrator of how this is not so and gender is superfluous to personality and talent." -

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